Lauren Beckman

Lauren Beckman is as an Emissions Broker and Environmental Consultan at AQC. Her primary focus is on emissions brokerage and asset management within the Federal Cross-State Air Pollution Rule program and helping clients stay up-to-date and achieve cost-effective compliance.

John Durand

John Durand is Vice Chairman and Chief Sustainability Officer of XRI Holdings, LLC, the water midstream portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners. In his role, John advises on XRI’s corporate strategy, as well as its ESG, sustainability and governmental relations initiatives.

Jacyln Ferlita

Jacyln Ferlita has taken on various roles throughout her career, showcasing her expertise in the field of environmenal markets. As President of AQC Environmental Brokerage Services, Inc.

Dan Keiser

Dan Keiser is Director Commercial Development at 1PointFive Sequestration, a business unit of Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV). In this role, Dan is responsible for origination of commercial agreements for CO2 transportation and sequestration.

Stijn Koning

Stijn Koningis a world-class geophysical leader and sub-surface project manager. Stijn brings over two decades of global experience in discover-ing and developing some of the largest gas fields found over the past ten years.

Ken Nichols

Ken Nichols is a licensed Profes-sional Engineer at Tetra Tech in Texas with more than 25 years of experience specializing in projects involving carbon cap-ture and sequestration, water, and energy.

Spencer Oulman

Spencer Oulmanhas been in industry for 22 years. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering. With experience in monomer and polymer processing, com-pression, pumps, separation, and fluid processing; he has spanned a wide range of unit operations.

Mark Patton

Mark Pattonis president of Hydrozonix. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the de-velopment, design, implementa-tion and operation of treatment technologies.

John Tombari

John Tombariis the Division Man-ager for Battelle Carbon Services which is the commercial CCS arm of Battelle Memorial Institute. He leads a team of 35 CCS professionals that, combined, have over 500 years of industry experience.